Establishing and maintaining a positive brand and identity online is built upon three pillars: Reach, Reputation and Reviews. Growing your reach makes it so that more of the people you want to find you, will. Once consumers know about your products and services, having a good online reputation puts you in a position to be the best choice for the consumer. Customers will give you feedback in the form of star ratings and reviews.  These are a quick visual and word-of-mouth representation of your business. Now more than ever, new customers rely on cues such as online reviews and the real customer experiences to make their buying decisions. If you are not managing your business listings and also monitoring and managing what is being said you online, you have a big risk of suffering the negative effects of a bad online reputation. Lack of exposure, negative reviews, and conflicting or old business name, address and phone number (NAP) information online are factors hurting your business. Take control of your online reputation and grow your business by actively managing your reach, reputation and reviews.

The 3 Pillars of Establishing and Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation


An industry leader, Elite Web Solutions specializes in streamlining the tedious management of the business listings needed for better local search engine optimization (SEO) and builds citations with a consistent NAP to optimize your business for local search with big names like Yelp, MapQuest and Yahoo. This allows you to maintain consistent citations with little hands-on effort while you enjoy the competitive edge of ranking higher for local keywords. This works because once search engines start to recognize your NAP as a consistent presence across multiple sites they boost your local rankings and start displaying you higher in local search results.


As we move further into the internet of things businesses have less and less, if any, contact points with the customer before a buying decision is made. When 82% of online searchers follow up via an in-store visit it is clear that consumer are using the internet to vet local businesses before making purchasing decisions.  A company lacking an enticing web presence is at risk of losing business to well positioned competitors who manage their online reputations.

Building a positive online reputation may sound like a lot of work, but every business should look at concentrating on just a few impactful activities to start.

  • Claim and manage your business listings, as well as profiles on review sites and social media
  • Create a positive and multi-layered web presence and monitor your online reputation
  • Collect positive reviews, get them posted to high traffic sites and monitor customer feedback
  • Build and maintain a mobile optimized website

Elite Web Solutions offers reputation management and review management services.  Elite Web Solutions will help you manage your reviews online and even help you reduce the bad ones.


Today’s tech-savvy consumers are spending more and more time researching online before making spending decisions and overwhelmingly they are relying on the word of real-life customers in the form of online reviews, testimonials and social media commentary to form an opinion about your business.

The need for positive reviews has become a business must-have and companies must now manage how they are perceived online if they want to stay competitive. According to Cone Inc., 87% of consumers said a favorable review has confirmed their decision to go through with a purchase. When dealing with your entire customer base, trying to gather positive reviews can seem time consuming if not flat out overwhelming, but you just need to find ways to automate the feedback and review process as much as possible. Using the services of Elite Web Solutions makes this process easy, giving you an almost hands-free tool that gathers the reviews, gets them posted online, and promotes them on your social media accounts.

According to a 2014 survey from BrightLocal, 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews, which is down from 92% the previous year, but that is because of an increase in the number of people who read 20+ reviews, which is 7% and up from 2% the previous year. When a majority of consumers are relying on online reviews, a business must monitor their digital presence and learn to manage their reviews and reputation to beat out competitors.