You want to sell your product online but you don’t know the best way how.  That is a common problem.  There are many alternatives for selling your products online.  eBay has been a great platform for many to list there products and make money without having their own website or own store.  Listing products is easy and eBay takes care of the work.  The are positives and negatives of selling on any platform, and in this article, we will go over the costs of selling on eBay.  See our other articles to see the cost of selling on Easy, Amazon, and the benefits of selling on your own website.

What are the costs of selling on eBay?

Selling on eBay used to be the place to go, but rising fees, increased competition, and shrinking profits have pushed many sellers away.  What are the fees that eBay is currently charging and can you still make money selling on eBay.

For a new store the fees are as follows:

Your first 50 listings each month are free.  After that you have to pay a 30 cent fee to list each item.  The 30 cents may be credited back on eligible auctions (which means you won’t get it back in a lot of cases).

Then comes the super steep fee of 10% of value of the sale (this includes shipping charges.

The PayPal fee 30 cents per transaction, plus 2.9% of the total value charged.

There are many additional options that eBay offers you that will cost extra.  A common one is reserve price.  If you want to use a reserve it will cost you $3 on any item less than $150 and 2% on any item more expensive than that.  on a $50 item that is 6% of the purchase price.

Lets add of the basic fees on a couple of items. (we will not include insertion fees in here, even though you want to consider those when making your own calculations)

$10.00 item with 2.99 shipping.
10% of the final sale = $1.30
0.30 PayPal transaction fee = $0.30
2.9% PayPal fee = $0.38
Total fees to sell through eBay and PayPal = $1.88 = 18.8% of the sale.

That is pretty steep.  almost 1/5 of the sale price going to eBay is pretty high.  The benefits of eBay is that they are known and people go there to shop.  If someone is looking for your item on

These fees go down a little bit in percentage as you item price goes up.

$100.00 item with free shipping.
10% of the final sale is $10.00
0.30 PayPal transaction fee = $0.30
2.9% PayPal fee = $2.90
Total fees to sell through eBay and PayPal = $13.20 = 13.2% of the total sale

Selling on eBay will cost you about 13% to 19% of your sale price.