Many companies have tried to optimize their sites for search engines since the beginnings of search engines, but it is becoming increasingly important in 2015.  Mobile devices are taking over the use of the internet.  People are spending more and more time on their phones and their tablets and less time at their computers.  My wife, for example, prefers to use he little iPhone 5s to do everything from writing an email to surfing the web.  I rarely ever see her use a computer anymore.

As mobile devices start to dominate the landscape of the internet we find more and more people use search more often and click on links less.  Many people ask their phone to find things for them and phones use different search engines to find what their owner is looking for.  In this process, we can disappear if we are not found through the various search engines.

We must optimize our web sites for phones and mobile devices.  Google give sites that are optimized for mobile devices a bump in SEO.  That would be a great starting point for many companies.  Update you site so that it is optimized for mobile devices.