Responsive web design is web design that responds to what ever device the web site is seen on.  If you open the web site on a phone, the site is designed to look nice and be easy to use on a phone.  If you decide to open that same web site on a tablet, laptop, or desktop, that site will adjust so that it looks great and works well on whatever device it is displayed.

Responsive web design is so important right now because people are starting to look at your web site on many different devices.  Often times the first time someone sees your web site it will be on their mobile phone.  You want to make sure you site looks very good on mobile phones.

Google’s search engine give better SEO rankings to sites that have also been optimized for mobile.  If you site is not optimized for mobile devices, it is time to start thinking about a site redesign.  Elite Web Solutions specializes in create web sites that are optimized for all devices.  Call them now to get a complete online evaluation and see how they can help you get to the next level.  Elite Web Solutions – 801-829-1354